Santorini Akrotiri Tour - Half Day

Meet with your guide in port of Santorini.In ancient Greece Santorini was known as “Strongili” meaning: round. It was a large and wealthy island. However, about 3,600 years ago, at the height of the Minoan civilization, it was torn apart by a tremendous volcanic eruption. The devastating explosion literally ripped the island to pieces and where land stood, Santorini’s famous caldera was created.

The archeological site of Akrotiri is a 5,000 year old Minoan settlement which has been preserved in ash.  Indeed the town was entirely buried in the great volcanic eruption and remained untouched until it was discovered in 1967. The ruins are very well preserved: streets, buildings, stairs and even second floors of buildings are still visible. Here you can look at Minoan pottery and frescoes, and with a little imagination, feel what it would have been like to live in ancient Greece so many years ago.

After tour we will be back in port of Santorini.

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