Day 01,  Arrival in Athens
Arrival in Athens, meet and greet by your English speaking guide in the port or airport, followed by a direct transfer to the respective hotel by A/C vehicle. 

Hytra is located on the rooftop of the Onassis Cultural Center. The Onassis Cultural Centre is Athens’ new cultural space hosting events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, on supporting Greek artists, on cultivating international collaborations and on educating children and people of all ages through life-long learning. The restaurant offers Greek cuisine with a different perspective from the hands of “Hytra’'s” Michelin Star rewarded chef.

Day 02,  Athens
Off the Beaten Track Culinary tour of Athens
Seize the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Greek delicacies ranging from the mouth-watering sweet and syrupy “loukoumades” to traditional “bougatsa” or souvlaki with pita bread or Feta cheese and the famous Greek Kalamon olives and many more!

Discover a different Athens: Join the Athenians in their everyday life and experience a tasty slice of true modern Greek culture and delicious eating habits. Your culinary journey will take you to carefully selected specialty food stores, where we will taste some of the finest olive oil, cheese, and honey and local delicacies such as ‘pastourma’ and other cured meat. You will stroll through traditional, authentic neighborhoods in the heart of Athens and visit some wonderful pastry shops serving favorite Greek sweets and you will be immersed in the colors and smells of local spices, the secret behind many of the most renowned dishes of Greek cuisine, and aromatic Greek coffee. 

The irresistible smell of freshly baked delicacies will lead your steps into one of the oldest traditional bakeries of the city. Your journey will continue through the bustling alleys of Varvakios, the picturesque fish, meat and vegetable market -the true "belly of Athens". And, last but not least, you will make a stop at a local joint for an authentic taste of the celebrated Greek souvlaki and loukoumades with honey!

Not one to rest on his Michelin star, acclaimed chef Lefteris Lazarou is constantly trying to outdo himself with magnificent results. Rather than ordering from a menu, you can simply give him an idea of what you like and let him create your seafood dish from what he found that day at the market. Among his most fabulous compilations are the orzo with crayfish flavored with Limnio wine, smoked red chile, and Parmesan; the white grouper with cherry tomatoes, sour apple, and smoked mashed potatoes; and the sea bream with red bell pepper sauce and ratatouille. Some dishes fuse traditional peasant fare like the flowers of courgettes with unusual flavors like framboise.

Day 03, Athens
“From Farm to Fork”

Located just 30 minutes from city, “The Farm”, a real relaxation paradise for nature lovers, is a 20,000 square meters rich land, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, producing excellent quality organic vegetables and fruit, extra virgin oil, eggs and cheese. We will be accompanied for a walk around the vegetable garden, get the chance to pick some vegetables, feed the animals, see Billy – the rescue donkey, watch a live cooking demonstration, have a Greek BBQ dining experience based on vegetables in season grown at the farm.

Lunch will be in the garden of the farm, cooked following the Farm’s philosophy of using only high quality raw materials, organic and seasonal ingredients to highlight the special features of Greek cuisine and local products.

Laying its tables since 1975 in the shadow of the holy rock of the  Acropolis and staying loyal to the traditional tastes of the Greek and  Mediterranean cuisine, Strofi remains one of the most historic  restaurants in Athens. Overlooking the Acropolis, the first floor and the terrace (seating capacity of 65 and 110 persons respectively) can be the ideal  scenery of your event.

Day 04,  Athens
Cooking Class at Ergon House

Situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historical heart of Athens, Ergon House is a seventh heaven for food enthusiasts, complete with ‘rooms above the inn’. 

On the ground level, conceived a spectacular marketplace, a modern-day Agora with a constellation of greengrocers, a butcher’s, fishmonger’s and bakery, a delicatessen and roastery, along with a bar and restaurant which celebrate the best of Greek cuisine culture.

The Ergon House cooking experience starts with the most essential part: picking the products. The chef will welcome you at the vibrant ground-floor Agora, in order to hand-pick the ingredients you will use for the cooking lesson. Together you will walk through every different section: fresh fruit & vegetables, meat & fish, fresh products and deli. You will get to know essential information about local products and their importance to contemporary cuisine.

Following the tour of the Agora, you will head to the private kitchens with the chef to guide you through every step of the dishes’ preparation, on the 2nd or 4th floor of the hotel, with 12-seater tables set the perfect stage for all of the above.

Time to taste what you made! Following the activity, you will enjoy a family style meal, including the dishes you prepared and a choice among restaurant menu. The chef will join your meal and share cooking tips and secrets of a life dedicated to making people around a table feel satisfied.

Time to relax and talk about food and other important things in life, in the company of a glass of cool white Assyrtiko wine. Or two…

Aris Vezene's vibrant, trendy restaurant is an easy-going eatery with a fanatic audience specialising in wood-fired steaks and seafood. The dark wood interior opens into a glass-enclosed veranda. The stylish intimacy of the area with the New York breeze is combined with a kitchen with excellent raw materials, different cuts, good slices and meat baking, unbelievable pizzas and open pies baked in the wood oven as well as special pasta.

Day 5,  Departure 
Departure transfer from the hotel to Athens Airport.



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