Street art


Did you  know that the word “graffiti” originates from Greek word “γράφειν—graphein”—meaning "to write"?

When one says "street art", you would immediately think of London, Berlin, New York or Paris. But did you know that Athens is a mecca for street art, making it a very attractive playground for artists from around the world? The truth is that the city it is immensely rich in graffiti art, which emerged around 1998 but really took off and developed its own distinctive style over the past 10 years and especially recently as the Greek crisis was unfolding.

This tour offers an alternative way to get to know the city and take a look at what’s happening at its heart. Each area has its own style, and so does the street art you see there. Gazi, home to a new industrial space and exhibition center, boasts pieces with a more formal feel. Metaxourgio, the new hotspot, is all creative energy and there’s so much room here to express that. Psiri, the original home of street art in Athens, remains politically committed. What’s more, many of the works here have the full support of the community, are respected as works of public art and have survived for years.

During this walk you'll find the coolest works of art in the most unlikely places, thanks to your street artist guide. He knows about the iconic images, pieces that have been up so long they’re now part of the cultural conscience, but he’s also aware of the newest creations and the artists behind all of them. You don’t have to be into art, street art or anything. All you have to be is curious and receptive to fantasy, colors and meanings through this astonishing city in a fresh and unconventional way.

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