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Archaeology: Greece is a huge archaeological site itself, hosting several civilizations starting from prehistoric times. The heritage is spread all over Greek land not only in specially preserved archaeological sites but also greeting you from every corner in the city like Athens Metro which has stations like mini-museums. Enjoying the remains will be your rutin in Greece!

Mythology: Greek Mythology not only attempts to explain the origins of the world and details the lives and adventures of a wide variety of gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and mythological creatures but also continues to extensively influence culture, arts and literature of Western Civilization and remains part of Western heritage and language. With or without knowing every day we come across classical sayings or phrases used in certain conditions, names of international brands, days of the week, city names, literary allusions which take their names from Greek myths, gods or goddesses.

Achilles' heel – meaning even one small vulnerable point can cause deadly results

Nike – the brand took its name from Nike, Goddess of Victory in battles

Trojan horse – is used for hidden enemies or danger.

Panic button - the word "panic" is taken from the god Pan. The ancient Greeks attributed the emotion of panic to Pan because his cheers were noisy and sudden causing panic and commotion.

Opening Pandora's Box - Pandora was presented with a magnificent box, as a wedding gift from the gods, but warned never to open it. But she was also given curiosity. Pandora ignored the advice of the gods and opened the box, releasing the evil hiding in the box to the world.

Zodiac – meaning “little animals in a circle”

Urban Culture:

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